Darguner – relaunch beer and beer mixed drinks

The art of brewing from the heart of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

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The town of Dargun is located in Mecklenburg Switzerland in the northeastern part of Germany. In 1172, Danish monks settled in the town and laid the foundation for today's premium beer. To honor this heritage, Darguner Brauerei GmbH was founded in 1991 on the same site. In the country brewery, the beer is brewed on the basis of the best, regional raw materials, with dedication and passion. Based on a newly defined brand world "Darguner Landbrauerei" and the brand claim: "Finest beers from Mecklenburg Switzerland", the entire Darguner portfolio received a new brand identity.

With the new design of all primary and secondary packaging in the range, the Darguner brand will qualify as an independent, high-quality and authentic country brewery brand vis-à-vis competitors from 2022. The portfolio has been restructured. The 3 portfolio segments (beer, beer mix, country beer) appear under a strong, jointly clinging Darguner brand look with individual segment-specific characteristics in the design.

The regional origin of the country brewery in the heart of Mecklenburg is at the center of the brand design. The strengthened and modernized Darguner brand logo in combination with a coat of arms is now an independent word-image brand. In combination with a uniquely illustrated key visual of Mecklenburg Switzerland, a rural-associative design climate with retro charm is created.

The look of the "Darguner Landbrauerei" thus communicates the Darguner brand values: authenticity and brewing craftsmanship of the highest quality.

Muted, natural to fresh high-contrast colors are used for the new landscape, fund and varietal coding color scheme, blending into the authentic and touchable brand world. The design is rounded off with the integration of the new brand claim "Finest beers from Mecklenburg Switzerland".