Friedrichs Gin Liqueur – Launch

An innovation in the trend segment gin

Friedrichs Gin, Liquer Spirits Launch Graphic Design Branding Strategy Packaging Design Logo Design Line Extension POS Material

Schwarze und Schlichte expands its gin range with a real innovation under Friedrichs: the line extension Friedrichs Gin Liqueur. Friedrichs premium gin meets fruity liqueur. This innovation creates a new category in the trendy gin segment for a new target group. The two products Grapefruit and Ginger are lighter and sweeter than flavoured gins and perfect for the female target group.

High-quality, feminine and fruity - the design of the two new varieties is also an ideal visual complement to Friedrichs Dry Gin. Detailed, large-scale illustrations of the respective ingredients give the gin liqueur a decorative and attractive look. Color-coordinated with the liquid, the design of the varieties Grapefruit and Ginger stands for the special enjoyment of trendy flavors.

The new design was posted by the design blogs Packaging of the World and Design made in Germany.