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After years of creating successful packaging designs for HoWe for the national and worldwide sales market, the company commissioned us to revise their appearance. In addition to standard products such as 'Nürnberger' or 'Münchener Weißwürste', HoWe developed and launched a variety of innovations for the national and international market. Whether 'Hoeneß' NürnBurger' at McDonald's or special bratwursts for the USA - the effort to differentiate from the competition was writ large.

Therefore, the B2B appearance to the trade should also convey this innovative strength and the quality promise and replace the somewhat outdated business equipment. The HoWe logo was to remain unchanged. In addition to the usual business and sales documents, the new, modern appearance also included a newly designed company brochure including a photo shoot at the company as well as a revision of the website, the implementation of which was coordinated by PACOON.