The North Face – Baselayer System

Functional underwear in an environmentally friendly package

The North Face Outdoor Baselayer Underwear Graphic Design Packaging Design Sustainable Packaging Line Extension Conception

Think regional, act global!

We were commissioned by the outdoor brand 'The North Face' to redesign the range of functional underwear for the EMEA Europe Middle East region. Important aspects were quick orientation on the shelf, simpler and more valuable package handling, as well as more environmentally friendly packaging for the nature-loving outdoor target group. In addition, the range was to be given an independent naming and wording.

The disadvantages of the previous cube pack made of plastic in two sizes and single-color printing were extensive: an appearance that did not live up to the brand's high-premium claim, the use of plastic with its negative environmental image among consumers, a complicated opening that many consumers were unable to reseal at the shelf and therefore an untidy impression on their own shelf system. In addition, the package had a high attraction - however to dust, which resulted in a significant effort on the part of the store personnel.

'Our proposal of a folding box with a side opening pleasantly stands out from the competitive environment, celebrates the product more strongly, makes it easier to put it back after it has been examined at the POS, and helps to improve the environmental image. The design is defined by striking color codes and eye-catching icons for product segmentation and designation, which help with quick orientation. The isobar pattern in the background of the clean, hygienic pack establishes the reference to the brand's closeness to nature. The optimized label system ultimately provides information on the size, shape and color of the respective product, so that the complete range can be packaged with three basic packs and two sizes."' Steffi Zander (Art Director) explained.

Later, the range was supplemented by a Merino range with a more natural background color. The product explanation on the back was overhauled and adapted to the technically high standards of the brand. Very early on in the project, the head office in San Francisco decided that this relaunch should be carried out globally and deserved its own shelving system to reinforce the shop-in-shop concept.