Treets – Launch ice cream

Popsicle launch for all peanut lovers

Treets Peanut Company ice cream launch graphic design branding strategy packaging design logo design line extension

A peanut lover's ice cream has been developed under the Treets - The Peanut Company brand: Creamy peanut butter swirled with salted caramel sauce, topped with flavorful peanut butter sauce and half-dipped in milk chocolate with crunchy peanut pieces.

The packaging design for Treets first popsicle features a pure, direct design with clear Millennial appeal.

In addition to the typical Treets brand colors and logo, the focus is on the individual layers of the ice cream. Oriented to the brand world, the uncluttered design fits perfectly into the existing Treets product family and generates a lot of attention on the ice cream shelf thanks to the eye-catching orange.