PACOON pushes the new international REUSE system CYRCOL


Since the new packaging law and the European Plastic Strategy, sustainable packaging has been a hot topic of discussion, even though the trend has been going on for years. The solutions focus almost exclusively on recyclability, even though the strategies and goals of many retail chains and branded companies also include reuse and reduction.


The desire of the consumers goes to plastic-free and preferably no packaging, as it is already tested in unpackaged stores and also in some supermarkets and drugstores with self-filling stations / refill stations.


However, the idea of reusable packaging is often not strongly pursued, sometimes the poorly functioning or the faults of existing reusable systems are cited as counter-arguments: Long transport routes to the bottler, complex sorting and costly intermediate storage in the trade, deposit slippage and deposit theft, high costs for the pre-financing of multi-month quantities and cleaning systems on the part of the bottler.


The new multiple-use system is intended to eliminate the existing errors and create a much simpler system for all parties involved. Using the example of packs with high sales volumes and great potential for savings, these solutions should also show that even packs with high cleaning and hygiene requirements can be implemented.


The system should also be applicable internationally/Europe-wide. The first branded goods partners from EU countries have already been found to support the development and deployment of such a system.


The concept of the new reusable system includes the following essential aspects:

  • Sturdy packaging made of metal, glass or plastic, allowing easy cleaning and hygiene in accordance with product and packaging requirements

  • Stackable packaging concepts that require little space during empty transport and logistics

  • Bundling of the cleaning stations in regional centers instead of individually for each bottler

  • Establishment of a new return system, also outside the retail sector, to make it as easy as possible for the consumer to return goods (petrol stations, reverse vending machines, railroad stations, etc.)

  • Digital tracing of the coded packages and digital payment or crediting of the deposit credit upon return

  • Central production and stocking of packages by CYRCOL

  • Pay per use by the bottler only for the packaging quantities used

  • Prefinancing of the starting quantities by CYRCOL or by deposit of the consumer

  • Design of the packings as 'dismantlable' concepts, so that they can be recycled back to the raw material of the containers when worn or damaged.

  • Modularity of the packs to cover the main types and sizes of packs in the segments and provide solutions suitable for mass production

  • The integration of individual packages into the system is possible


For the development of the system PACOON has already been able to win major players in the supply chain such as cleaning, tracking & tracing, coding, packaging development. An application for funding for the development of the system will be submitted shortly. For this purpose we are still looking for further companies from all industries (food, non-food, textile, DIY, fast food, restaurant delivery etc.) who would like to actively participate in the development and support our application or assist in defining the requirements.



In parallel to the application for the concept, first packaging types are also to be developed, which can serve for different product segments. For this purpose, branded companies as SMEs can even be supported directly in the development of packaging for their industry or large companies can be represented by PACOON's services.


Support our application and the development of this new system!

We would be pleased if you could demonstrate this with a letter of intent to the funding body. On the right, you can download the LOI template (PDF) or send us an email for the WORD-template.


If you have any questions about our concept, please contact us at

See also our explanation video here


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