Your free recycling-friendly packaging checklist

The new Packaging Act of Europe and Germany call for higher recycling rates. Some of these can be achieved with better recycling technology - the industry is already working on the new plant concepts and technologies. Coding and pigmentation are also possibilities that can enable better sorting by the packaging itself.

But many companies ask themselves, what exactly can they improve? PACOON has been involved in recycling for years, we have visited sorters and recyclers, held workshops and discussions and will continue to bring stakeholders together. Because we always realize: too little is still spoken to each other!

This is why the feedback from our last recycling workshop at mtm plastics in Thuringia was so positively received. First-hand information, too many to remember.

In order to provide you with initial assistance in short form, we have briefly summarised the most important points and listed some positive examples. Because it's usually easier than you think.

So take an example and develop your packaging more suitable for recycling. This saves you money for licensing, perhaps even for the packaging itself, and can create a more positive image with the right communication with your consumers.

We are happy to support you with

- screening your product range for potential

- the strategic determination of your sustainability goal

- the packaging concept for more independence from the competition

- the search for suitable material alternatives for today's or new packaging concept

- the right, sales-promoting design up to and including

- coherent communication with the consumer.

So that in the end you too can say 'we have moved so much and the consumer has registered it'.

Download the guide and share it with your colleagues. Click here for a free download

Soon with more details and examples.

Sustainable greetings

Your PACOON Team