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Sustainable packaging as your success factor

You are responsible for the packaging portfolio, manage overall sustainability in the company or organise the circular economy goals. Now you want innovative packaging that consumers also recognise as sustainable.

Thanks to our leading expertise in all areas of eco-design - from basic analysis to concept implementation - our 10-step method will enable you to successfully complete this complex task both economically and ecologically. We are the pioneers of packaging design and sustainable packaging in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Which packaging topics are currently occupying the industry, which knowledge transfer formats are favoured, what is expected, basic knowledge or expert discussions?

"It was a great collaboration with PACOON. From day one, the collaboration was characterised by a constructive, creative and ultimately goal-oriented exchange. We are very satisfied with the result of sustainable and innovative packaging."

Dr. Maximilian Hartmann, Co-Founder and CFO
vGreens Holding GmbH

"We have come to know the pacoon Sustainability Concepts GmbH team as a very committed, professional and innovative partner and look forward to further joint projects for forward-looking, sustainable packaging solutions."

Dr. Burkhard Bogisch, Director | Project Manager
ZF Friedrichshafen AG

"Our BIENE MAJA is increasingly becoming an ambassador for sustainable bee and insect protection, and not just through our collaboration with NABU. To do justice to this responsible mission, we have worked closely with PACOON to develop a BIENE MAJA ECO Trend Book, which shows our licence holders sustainable packaging concepts and at the same time advises them on their long-term implementation. The in-depth expertise of an absolute packaging specialist like PACOON was indispensable!"

Peter Kleinschmidt, Director Marketing & Brand Management
Studio 100 Media GmbH

"The collaboration with PACOON was very constructive. We were able to benefit from their experience and material expertise."

Waschbär GmbH
Creation of a packaging guideline for the drugstore's own brand

"DVSI members have already benefited from PACOON GmbH's experience and expertise in the development of sustainable packaging on several occasions. The collaboration is a real benefit for the DVSI."

Ulrich Brobell, Managing Director
DVSI Deutscher Verband der Spielwarenindustrie e.V.

"The connection was made not through pizza, but through its packaging, when the PACOON team at our customer event partly inspired and partly surprised us. Years ago, a lot of things are now 'part of the game' and, thanks in part to PACOON's activities, many sustainable steps have been taken and inspiring conversations have been held. We are excited about the future and say THANK YOU PACOON."

Bettina Tschoner-Fuchs, Marketing Communication Manager
Metsä Board Deutschland GmbH

"Sustainability also means taking different paths and much more collaboration along the entire value chain! Developing these perspectives in partnership with Pacoon is particularly enjoyable because every contact with the professional team generates new ideas. The good technical understanding, especially for fibre-based packaging, makes the exchange particularly valuable!"

Thomas Kahl, Head of Sustainable Packaging Solutions Channel
Mondi Group

"The PACOON team is excellently networked and has very good market knowledge in the field of sustainable packaging. As a developer and manufacturer of ecological packaging based on straw and hemp, we are always happy to draw on this expertise for our projects."

Thomas Maier-Eschenlohr, Managing Director
Landpack GmbH

"The dialogue and the proposed solutions were and are always inspiring for our team, the offers are comprehensible and fairly formulated. We are very satisfied and look forward to continuing our collaboration with pacoon Sustainability Concepts GmbH."

Gabriele Hofinger, Head of Marketing & Licensing
PEZ international GmbH

"As the owner of Gruber-Folien, I am absolutely delighted with the professional performance of the crew from pacoon | Sustainability + Concepts GmbH. In a strategy workshop, they developed a roadmap for the future direction of our company in terms of sustainability. And in a seminar on the subject of 'sustainability of packaging', our team was made fit. Here you will find quality, professionalism, sympathy and passion. I look forward to continuing our long-term collaboration and can warmly recommend this company."

Elisabeth Gruber, Managing Director
Gruber Folien GmbH & Co. KG
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