Bihophar – relaunch organic honey

The new Bihophar organic look

Bihophar Organic Honey Fairtrade Relaunch Graphic Design Branding Strategy Packaging Design Logo Design Line Extension

Fresh - clear - striking

Bihophar has been a well-known honey brand of the owner-managed family company Fürsten-Reform Dr. med. Plümer GmbH & Co KG since 1947. Bihophar offers the largest honey selection and variety of natural honeys in Germany, all in the best beekeeper quality. For many years, the Bihophar organic honeys in the jar with organic seal are a premium product in the German market.

Bihophar organic honeys are consciously produced in harmony with nature and the environment, because the bee colonies collect nectar or honeydew mainly in unspoiled natural landscapes or in ecologically managed fields or gardens. The range of 4 Bihophar organic honeys have been revised in a label relaunch. Many design elements and the basic structure of the "classics" label have been gently adapted. A fresh color scheme, clear typography and a structured basic structure define the new design language with the focus on "BIO".

Organic honeys from Bihophar in a fresh, clear, striking look - this is what organic looks like today.