Launch Alete bewusst - Schnitties

The children's snack range 3+ is expanded

With the introduction of freeze-dried snacks (the Obsties) for children from 3 years of age at the end of 2021, Alete bewusst laid the foundation for the expansion of the Alete bewusst target group in the Toddler range.
The Toddler range is now being expanded to include a new product range, the Alete bewusst Schnitties.

Schnitties are bars made from organic wholemeal flour and the sweetness of fruit - of course 100% organic quality.
They are individually wrapped and therefore ideal for on the go.
The two cute, cheeky garden mice show - as with the Obsties - the world in which the wholemeal Schnitties with fruit are made.

The two illustrated characters give a glimpse into their idyllic garden world and playfully and exploratively create an awareness of food sourcing and the origin as well as harvesting of the ingredients.
But also the demanding parents who set a high value on the nutrition of their children will be convinced by the delicious, healthy Alete snacks. So they can say "yes" to the new Alete conscious cuties with a clear conscience.