Launch Alete bewusst "Naturally Vegetable“

The trend toward plant-based products is growing - also in the infant nutrition segment.

Alete bewusst expands the comprehensive jar range with a new naturally Plant-based range with 3 plant-based menu variants as a valuable alternative to the classic baby jar range.
The Alete bewusst plant-based menus from 1 year of age are a great way to increase the proportion of plant-based foods in the diet and bring variety to the plate.
The new range contains 100% vegetable proteins, so protein-rich legumes such as peas, lentils, chickpeas as well as potatoes and whole grains provide the source of protein. Of course, all products are in organic quality.
The new Alete bewusst range appears with clear subbrand "Naturally Vegetable" in a soft green and communicates in addition clearly "vegetable" via a disruptor "100% vegetable proteins".
In addition to the classic ingredient illustration, peas, chickpeas, carrots, etc. as always with Alete bewusst, tell a magical, funny story and make not only mom but also the kids happy.
In this way, the new "Naturally Vegetable" range is optimally differentiated from the classic Alete bewusst jar menus and can be quickly found on the baby food shelf.