Houdek udTs (snack fun and sales material - displays, sales folders)

The Kabanos variety for the whole family


To support the new Houdek sales strategy "and the day tastes good", a revised packaging design for the Kabanos classic, a promotional sales folder and displays were developed.

The design of the appearance was based on the design of the relaunch.
The key visual, the cord and the Polaroid format of the snapshots from everyday life with Kabanos form the central elements. This is intended to emphasise the different situations in which Kabanos can be enjoyed.

The sales folder was customised with a real drawstring to increase awareness of the new brand image. This also guarantees a direct haptic experience when it is presented to retailers.

The new slogan "and the day tastes good" is also part of the corporate branding and was taken into account in the relaunch of the company banners.
The new sales strategy is thus given a strong presence internally, in retail and on Kabanos packaging thanks to a uniform design structure.

We are delighted that we were once again able to support our client Houdek with its broad sales strategy in terms of packaging, sales material and corporate branding.