HoWe – sauce dispenser

HoWe revolutionizes its bistro offer

HoWe's bistro, located on the company's own premises, is a popular place to satisfy your hunger with pleasure. Here, HoWe offers a large number of hearty dishes that are more than positively conspicuous in today's price environment. The classic 4 in a Weckla (yes, that's what the Franconians say) costs a fabulous 2 euros. And of course with the best Nuremberg grilled sausages.

The mustard for the bratwurst or the mayonnaise for the fries comes free of charge. This is where the revolution comes in: the new sauce dispenser. The sauce can be conveniently placed on the plate or dish via the stand-up unit. No third hand is needed here, because the dispenser is operated with the foot. Simply perfect!

But everything new must also be communicated well. For this purpose, PACOON has developed a design that conveys both fun and enjoyment, but also quickly communicates the new application. We were able to convince ourselves on site, no user did not immediately understand how to use the dispenser.

A successful design for a great idea. The cooperation with the inventor and producer was also excellent. The print quality and stickers left nothing to be desired. Thanks to Walter van Dijk from foottec gmbh.

So if you're ever in Nuremberg, you should definitely take a test. Have fun with it!

P.S. Even if it is not in the foreground, HoWe continues to implement its sustainability concept with the sauce dispenser. Less waste and above all less food waste are the goals achieved.