BRITA – Promo Editions

Marella – Limited Edition
The BRITA Marella water filter carafe is already a BRITA classic with high awareness, million units are sold annually to prepare filtered water. For a summer promotion, we developed a limited edition for 2 MAXTRA+ cartridges and a specially designed thermos bottle. This bottle should enable two aspects: to take filtered water with you to the office, on a trip or on a journey, to do without disposable bottles and thus to protect the environment. As a thermos bottle, this of course keeps the water up to 12h warm or 24h cold – so also interesting in the cold season or for the morning coffee.
The special background color and a special typo to highlight this product on the shelves should draw the target group's attention to the Special Edition and make it stand out from the other packs in the Brita range but also from the competition. The communication on the pack also encourages consumers to opt more for reusable containers and help protect the environment.

Water filter bottle – Big pack
The water filter bottle is now available in a big pack. Here more filters are included for the same price. To make this eye-catching and understandable, we have developed a special extra header where we communicate the promotion without disturbing the design structure already familiar to the consumer.

MAXTRA+ Bottle filter promotion
The pack of 3 MAXTRA+ contains a special offer, a special filter for a BRITA drinking bottle. This cross-promotion is designed to introduce consumers who already use the classic MAXTRA+ carafe to the possibility of 'tapping' their water from the tap and drinking it filtered while on the go. Thus, the bottle offers the flexibility to use it for the adapted respective lifestyle, while jogging, hiking, on the way to work or while shopping – the possibilities are manifold.