Fein – Relaunch of the machine banderoles

Oscillator variety at its best

With a further development of the FEIN MultiMaster and the changeover to the cross-brand battery system AMPShare, some FEIN machines also get a new case. And that, of course, includes a new banderole! This is where PACOON comes into play: We were allowed to support the revision with a relaunch of the machine banderoles.

In the classic FEIN orange, the banderoles convince with a strong product appearance. The clear structure stands for quality and makes it immediately clear which multitool we are getting and what it can do. And the MultiMaster can do a lot! Different designs and a wide variety of accessories decide which product we need: lighter or heavier, with/without a battery or with a cable, with one, 31 or even 60 accessories.

If you work a lot with wood, it's best to go for the Holzbau Edition. And not only the MultiMaster is available on this band. A nibbler for roof and facade construction also finds room in the same case: The ABLK 18.

North American craftsmen and women can also look forward to the new design. Regardless of whether they speak English, French or Spanish.

It is always a pleasure for us to dive into the orange world and to support FEIN in design and packaging development!