Aeroxon – Relaunch 2023

Modernized packaging and product design against moths, ants & co.

Building on Aeroxon's long company and logo history, we were also asked to redesign the Aeroxon logo for the 2023 relaunch. The logo builds on the formal language of the previous version, with the lettering and oval shape now showing to full advantage in a new boldness. Recognition and topicality guaranteed.

Matching the striking, two-dimensional logo, the packaging of Aeroxon products also impresses with a clear and modern design language. The focus is on the legibility of the product name and the central and enlarged image of the product. In addition to the packaging, many of the products themselves were also given a contemporary design. An emotional and friendly image world supports the purchase decision.

The challenge of maintaining the recognizability of Aeroxon's products as a market leader in the field of pest control while at the same time modernizing the packaging appearance was successfully met by the friendly imagery, which is based on the everyday life of consumers, and by the fresh, bright yellow panel in a new swing.

And of course, the numerous international packages must not be missing:

We are already looking forward to future products and continue the excellent cooperation with Aeroxon!