Bedifol – Relaunch Savvies

A guardian angel for your technology

Bedifol is the leading supplier of display and eye protection products. Based in Konstanz, Germany, Bedifol sells three major brands, mainly online. One member of this family is Savvies, with many products around the protection of the smartphone. Savvies is positioned in the competitive market of entry-level price products. Here, the task was to send an attention-grabbing design into the competition.

Unusually for this project, our client had a very clear idea of what the new design should look like. The iconic visual of the angel wings was the client's idea. The challenge therefore lay in the implementation and detailing of the design elements. The end result was a uniquely designed appearance with fast communication of the features through strong icons.

We are very curious how the changeable target group of Generation Z will react to the new design. In any case, it has become a real eye-catcher for Amazon users.