Venta – Relaunch product range

Fresh design for good air!

40 years ago, Fred Hitzler, founder of Venta, had the ingenious idea of humidifying indoor air with water and simultaneously binding pollutants in the water. Since then, Venta has been manufacturing various products for indoor climate and air quality. From humidifiers and air cleaners to air washers and air quality meters - Made in Germany and awarded many times.

The challenge was to bring the quality and the claim onto the packaging. The same applies to the structure of the individual assortments, as well as to making the functions of the individual appliances comprehensible on the shelf.

The result is a packaging range that gives the brand a strong presence, presents the products in a valuable way, clearly differentiates the segments in terms of colour and communicates the applications and functions of the individual products in an easily accessible way via icons.