Liebherr – International Packaging

From a spare part to the brand accessory

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Liebherr has had an excellent reputation as a high-quality and innovative brand in the field of refrigerators and freezers for many decades, thanks in part to the durability and high energy efficiency of its products.

In order to respond even more specifically to customers' individual equipment and usage needs, Liebherr offers accessory parts such as activated charcoal filters, bottle shelves, refrigeration batteries, and water filters. Previously available mainly as spare parts from customer service, Liebherr planned to push the marketing of accessories via specialist retailers and its own accessories online store. To this end, a suitable range of accessory parts was to be placed from the beginning of 2017, for which Liebherr required support in the conception and design of sales-promoting packaging.

Based on an accompanying product range consultation and selection of the relevant storage, logistics and distribution options, we developed packaging concepts in creative workshops with regard to handling, sustainability and value and selected them using cost-benefit image criteria. For the small initial runs, we formed product clusters that offer high flexibility and savings in logistics and warehousing. The many device variants were placed on the smallest label sizes via QR codes, clear color coding ensures quick part differentiation and a valuable presentation appropriate to the brand, despite "standard cartons".

For the internationalization, we were able to support Liebherr with the marketability for export, simulate a real perception early on with dummy construction through digital printing, advise on the placement in the trade and the conception of a sales presenter. An all-round support for the best possible customer service.