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'Modular packaging concept' for Security Systems

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More experience, less costs!

PACOON was able to convince BOSCH's Security Systems division. The task was to bring the BOSCH brand to life in the B2B business and at the same time reduce costs in packaging production. In the past, hundreds of products had to be packaged in individual packaging materials with single-color printing.

In the meantime, however, the brand experience also plays an important role in B2B business. Because here, too, quality has to prevail over cheap offers, so the previous system has been reconsidered.

PACOON was brought on board when two design architectures were to be developed for a reduced number of packaging materials that could be flexibly adapted to all possible requirements. In a joint workshop, the basic design concept was developed for a 'modular packaging concept', which gets along with a significantly smaller number of packaging materials. The now uniform, 3-color box printing reflects BOSCH's quality standards.

High-priced products are additionally individualized and upgraded by a 4-color sticker with product image. Smaller products, on the other hand, are labeled with a SAP label alone. This allows considerable savings to be made while at the same time enhancing the brand experience. Finally, the cornerstones of the two standard designs were anchored in a style guide that is obligatory for all users.

We are proud to have supported BOSCH in the development and implementation of this extensive project. This case is also groundbreaking for other manufacturers who have so far neglected their brand experience on the packaging in the B2B sector.