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Weihenstephan dairy launch graphic design packaging design relaunch line extension

The Weihenstephan dairy - one of the most popular premium brands in the dairy sector - has developed a new process in which a new, particularly quality-preserving heating method reduces the heat stress on the valuable raw milk by 80% compared with conventional methods. As a result, the fresh taste of the milk is almost preserved without any change in shelf life. This innovation had to be taken into account in the redesign of the milk packaging for UHT milk. The brand's premium claim was also to be strengthened and, at the same time, a design was to be created that has a clear unique selling proposition and clearly differentiates itself from competitors on the shelf.

Reduce the Max - this is the motto for the redesign of the Weihenstephan milk range. Freshness and authenticity, strengthen the brand character and create an extraordinary shelf impact.

With the new reduced and clear design, these tasks were completely fulfilled: a high-quality and delicious illustration of a milk glass on the known Weihenstephan blue, noble light reflections and water drops that associate freshness. By focusing on the relevant brand values, we created a design that pleasantly stands out from the colorful milk shelf and skillfully conveys the brand's premium claim.