Launch MILRAM 100% Vegetable

MILRAM launches vegetable offensive

Increasing consumer awareness of health, sustainability and ethical responsibility, as well as openness to alternative raw materials and new taste experiences, is growing steadily - and not only among health-conscious explorers and flexitarians. From their niche status, non-dairy alternatives have become a natural option for mainstream consumers in recent years. As a result of this trend, plant-based alternatives to well-known dairy products are now a must for every food manufacturer and are playing an increasingly important role in the market.

MILRAM has stood for high-quality milk and cheese products for more than 60 years and has since met the taste of a broad mass of consumers. Behind the traditional brand is Germany's largest dairy cooperative - the DMK Group. Both the company and the brand have a deep understanding of taste and quality. The development into vegan milk alternatives offers the opportunity to use internal know-how to convince new target groups with diverse, high-quality products. At the beginning of 2022, the 100% plant-based MILRAM GREEN brand will be launched with initially four non-dairy products for the flexitarian target group: plant-based chocolate and vanilla pudding, plant-based cocoa drink and a plant-based rice dessert.

With a reduced, clean but lively packaging design, MILRAM enters the market with the plant-based range and ensures a high shelf impact and recognisability at the POS with the independent design climate. Fresh, bright colours, natural product images and a clearly defined information hierarchy are the concise core elements for an urban design. The clear colours of the varieties in combination with the modern and randomly arranged flying ingredients around the prominent product image create a unique brand with character and stopping power across the range. The bold and cheerful design conveys sensuality, modern indulgence and an unagitated northern German casual attitude to life. The particularly loose photo design also ensures awareness and visibility of the self-confident products on the shelf. MILRAM 100% Pflanzlich complements the classic MILRAM product portfolio without competing with its own milk range. Because one thing must be emphasised quite clearly: The plant-based line is not seen as a substitute but as a useful addition, because milk is and remains the main product and the core of the business.