Migros – Launch Elsa yogurt umbrella brand

Elsa: a new, unique yogurt umbrella brand from Migros.

PACOON created a new yogurt umbrella brand for the largest Swiss retailer - Migros. The launch process started with a strategy workshop for the new brand with the positioning "Swiss indulgence". In the workshop with the Migros team, the look and feel of the new umbrella brand and the visual emphasis of the defining positioning elements "Swissness and enjoyment" were defined. The visual weighting of the "Swissness and Enjoyment" elements was defined.

After the workshop, the packaging design of the Elsa yogurt brand was created. The underlying idea of the design appearance is the so-called Kranzkuh (wreath cow), which with its particularly large flower decoration/wreath leads the herd at the Almabzug. The flower decoration is replaced by the natural staging of the respective ingredients, which are loosely arranged in a wreath shape around the cup and continued on the plate. The design conveys Swiss enjoyment through this traditional theme. At the same time, the contemporary interpretation of the design elements, such as the Swiss flag as an earmark, and the combination with clear typografien create a balance between naturalness, freshness, modernity and Swiss "Urchigkeit" (authenticity). Alongside the brand logo, the cow Elsa becomes the central element of the new brand.

Consumer research confirmed the design selection. The Elsa range is experienced as authentically Swiss and enjoyable, and the perceived quality level corresponds to the added-value positioning of the yogurt range. The starting point of the new Migros yogurt umbrella brand is a range with 6 skus.

Elsa: a new, unique yogurt umbrella brand of Migros with stunning Swiss charm and a lot of storytelling.