Milram – Portfolio relaunch

The classic brand with a new umbrella brand strategy and design

Milram - Portfolio relaunch

Milram is the flagship brand of one of Germany's largest dairies, the DMK Group.
The portfolio comprises 130 items from 12 product groups, the best-known being Milram FrühlingsQuark (spring curd cheese) and Milram cheese range.

With the objective of brand profiling, a sharpening of the positioning of the Milram brand took place. The cornerstones that differentiate it from the competition are: "North German nonchalance" and "fresh taste."
The new communication platform "Milram Strandbude" was created. It ideally visualizes the North German origin in a casual way.
The third step in brand profiling was the relaunch of the brand portfolio based on the new positioning after almost 10 years in the same look.
The following themes found their way into the relaunch: Changing consumer habits and design languages today demand a new aesthetic for the brand. Instead of small-scale designs, focus and simplification are required, and a high level of stand-out is called for. A brand family must be captured as quickly as possible at different touch points, in order to communicate the range of products offered to the consumer quickly and impressively. The result: Pacoon developed a new uniform brand identity for Milram: an umbrella brand strategy with strong commonalities across the range of contemporary, striking design - at the same time North German-casual and with a fresh taste.

The project in detail

Updating, qualifying the brand identity and strengthening the MILRAM brand power with a clear brand message for existing and new consumers.
Three central strategic and creative tasks:
1. Creation of a design strategy for the brand management of Milram as an umbrella brand. Creation of a strong and unique umbrella brand design with high commonalities to bundle all range members. Visualization of the Milram portfolio at the shelf. Visual integration of the brand stage "Strandbude". Communication of the sharpened positioning.
2. definition and creation of a revised and further developed brand logo to an expressive word-picture-brand with newly interpreted associations to sky & sea.
3. definition and creation of individual and category-typical characteristics of the 12 assortments under one umbrella brand design.

the new, unique Milram umbrella brand design bundles all 12 segments, the revised brand logo is self-confident and assertive, the North German origin of the brand can be found in all elements of the umbrella brand design, the look & feel is positive, qualitative, yet casual and absolutely fresh. A coherent, contemporary umbrella brand presence with great power and stand-out at the shelf was created.
The new umbrella brand design was evaluated in research by the existing and aspirational target group as very good and a perfect fit for Milram.

The launch of the "instagrammable" brand Milram 100% vegetable in spring 2022 will give further new impetus to the relaunched classic Milram brand.
Both ranges cross-fertilize each other and are a perfect offer for flexitarians and lovers of classic dairy products.
Core elements of the new Milram umbrella brand design and the design of Milram 100% vegetable (typography, base, swooshes, color concept) are used for all media - the strategic principle of self-similarity is used for 360-degree brand profiling. A consistent brand presence is made tangible for consumers.