Oldenburger Deluxe – Launch

The premium subbrand Oldenburger Deluxe grows

For the demanding Chinese market, Oldenburger offers a subbrand with 3 products under the name Oldenburger Deluxe in addition to the classic dairy range.
Newest member is a GMO-free offer (GMO-free = the cows do not receive genetically modified feed).
A unique & high quality icon for the GMO- free benefit was developed. The result: A nature meets science high end look.
The Deluxe Range consists of 2 products in high quality glass bottles - the GMO free product and a high calcium product.
The coherence of the range and the differentiation between the varieties were strengthened in the context of the launch of the GMO-free variant.
In line with the high-quality positioning and the special needs of the Chinese market, the products are frequently used as gifts.