Florette – Ready salad mix

Florette – Launch Sweet Family Salad

Fine salad mix with raw vegetables
The new Florette Sweet Family Salad with a colorful salad and raw vegetables selection comes in a family pack. The packaging features a new, centralized and colorful information structure to grab the attention of the younger set, and the light wood background helps to keep the focus and make the product stand out from the shelf with the colorful package filling.

Florette – Launch Spinach & More

Cold and warm concept/edition
Florette Spinach & more is a special edition with two different blends, "THE CLASSIC" and "THE SPICY" are two special editions that make each:n multi-talented in the kitchen. As can be clearly seen on the packaging, there are two variants: "COLD" and "SPICY". These blends are perfect to eat raw with a nice dressing, but also perfect to mix in a stir-fry with noodles, quinoa, etc. The possibilities to impress are endless.

Florette – Festive Edition

"Happy Easter" is a perfect mix created by Florette to celebrate the festive spring. This package, filled with delicious, fresh and high quality salad, brings to life the perfectly themed illustrations of the season. The use of a special golden Pantone background highlights the quality of the product.