Harry – Relaunch SAMMY'S Super Sandwich

Welcome to 2021, Sammy!

Harry Sammys Super Sandwich Relaunch Graphic Design Branding Strategy Packaging Design Line Extension

With SAMMY'S Sandwich, Harry has been shaping an entire category for almost 20 years. The relaunch now puts the strong subbrand in a more visual spotlight and focuses on the essentials: SAMMY'S Super Sandwich by Harry.

The uncluttered and striking design clearly focuses on Sammy and the Harry logo. The modern look for illustration and typography creates a contemporary design with high recognizability and a clear structure. Adapted to a young target group into their 40s, the skater boy Sammy was further developed in an evolutionary step - fresh look incl. new outfit and radiant attitude and reduced USA elements in the background. Welcome to 2021, Sammy!