Harry – Relaunch Vital+

A bread without flour, wheat and yeast

Harry Brot Vital Fit Relaunch Graphic Design Branding Strategy Packaging Design Logo Design Line Extension

With the relaunch, the well-known Harry Vital range was further developed into the 'Vital+' sub-brand, which will in future stand for all products with the extra health benefit at Harry. From the hero product and absolute top seller 'Vital+fit' to innovative products such as 'Vital+Pur' without flour, wheat and yeast.

A strong sub-brand and the clear typography give the design the functionality that matches the product concept, therefore ensuring quick recognition of the popular products at the POS. The reduced and striking color concept focuses on the Vital+ sub-brand and fresh variety colors. It therefore stands for the graphic implementation of the basic idea of Vital+ and fast communication with the consumer.