OSI – Launch Flatskin Steak

A specialty range sustainably packaged

OSI Steak Flatskin Launch Sustainable Packaging Graphic Design Packaging Design Line Extension

Friends of a good steak have become more numerous and more demanding today. The task for the customer OSI was therefore to design a speciality range offering steaks from different countries. At the same time, more sustainable packaging was to be used.

The solution lays in the new FLATSKIN® packaging from SEALPACK. This innovative packaging material uses 70% less plastic. At the same time, the base made of fibrous material delivers high-quality printability to reflect the typical landscapes of the respective countries of origin.

A real eye-catcher on the shelf with the highest possible transparency of the product. Nothing is hidden here and the steak connoisseur can be sure to receive an honest product - from hip to rib eye steak, according to his or her taste.