Ravensburger – Launch JUBAKO

A new game inspired by Asia

Ravensburger Jubako Launch graphic design packaging design logo design

Ravensburger - known primarily for making board games and puzzles - has released a new tile-laying game for the whole family.

JUBAKO is originally an aesthetically crafted Japanese wooden box used to store food. These were usually nested inside each other to accommodate several dishes on different levels. Ravensburger has taken this idea and implemented it in a game of the same name. Entertaining and entertaining, with the goal of filling one's respective JUBAKO box with all kinds of different Japanese delicacies, the winner is the one who scores the most points in the process.

Thus, PACOON was commissioned by Ravensburger to develop the basic design. This essentially involved the development of a packaging concept with illustrations for the front cover. Inspired by Asia, the lettering JUBAKO was implemented and is strongly reminiscent of the art of calligraphy. The colors red, black and white are highly valued in Japan, so the decision was easy to implement these colors as the basis for the overall concept. Harmonizing is also the symbolism on the left side of the package, which reinforces this impression while still being restrained. The game pieces almost seem as if they are flying in space and therefore appear to be synonymous with the lightness of the game.