Bergische Braukunst – Relaunch

Landbier, Sportsfreund, Radler and Radler non-alcoholic

Bergische Braukunst Bergische Braukunst beer relaunch graphic design branding strategy packaging design logo design line extension

For the independent family business Erzquell Brauerei Bielstein, both the brand management and the design of the 4 beer specialties with a special taste experience were revised under the product family umbrella brand "Bergische Braukunst".

The recognition of the individual products is guaranteed by the learned colorfulness, a certain naivety and the accompanying touchability. The unified look and feel is crafty, traditional, regional and fresh, providing a strong focus for the regional range.

The retro-look, cheerful illustrations brought back in time and the uncluttered label structure support the new appearance in the market. Despite the high-quality, brand-like design, the likeable brand remains absolutely authentic and touchable - just like its loyal clientele.