Weitra Bräu and Hadmar – Relaunch

Two originals from Weitra Bräu´s beer factory

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Relaunch of two originals of the Austrian beer factory Weitra Bräu.

As early as 1321 AD, the Habsburg king "Frederick the Fair" granted the citizens of Weitra the documented privilege of a brewing and sales monopoly for the town. In 2003, the Karl Schwarz family of brewers takes over responsibility for the brewery and successfully positions the brand in eastern Austria. In the Weitra Bräu beer factory, two beers with unmistakable character are brewed to this day according to old craft recipes: Weitra Bräu - the light beer and Hadmar - the organic beer.

The new look of Weitra Bräu is crafty, bold and self-confident. In its entirety, it clearly associates the old craft traditions according to which beers have been brewed in Weitra for many centuries. The red Weitra Bräu brand logo is the core element of the modern appearance. The familiar color scheme of beige and light brown corresponds entirely with the taste profile of the mild pale.

The traditional amber-colored organic beer Hadmar from the Weitra Bräu beer factory has also been given a new, refreshed look. The organic character has been strengthened by a clear green component and prominent labeling. The traditional motif of Hadmar II von Kuenring, who gave the beer its name, was prominently integrated into the label design as a clear commitment to tradition and origin.