Egger – Relaunch beer portfolio

Bold, authentic, high quality

Egger Beer Portfolio Relaunch Branding Strategy Graphic Design Logo Design Corporate Design Packaging Design Line Extension

Privatbrauerei Egger is in the spirit of the times with sustainably brewed beers of Austrian origin. Since 1978, Egger has been brewing its beer in one of Austria's largest family-owned private breweries with a great deal of passion, quality and technical perfection.

The relaunch of the extensive Egger beer portfolio communicates the newly defined brand personality "bold, authentic, high-quality". The brand family consists of Egger Märzen, Zwickl and Bock, the non-alcoholic Egger Zisch and the lemon and grapefruit Radlers. The new brand identity is intended to sharpen the brand's independence and character and thus achieve a fundamental qualification of the Egger brand and its portfolio. A significantly increased shelf impact and the enhancement of the brand's attractiveness for new target groups are important criteria set for our design development.

We achieved these defined goals by creating a strong brand bracket to bundle the brand portfolio and by prominently and confidently highlighting the Egger brand logo. The elaboration of the corporate values and their integration into the design qualifies the Egger brand and supports the independence of the brand presence.

Carefully designed and contemporary elements such as the revised Egger logo in combination with the& qualifying brand claim "meine Privatbrauerei" (my private brewery), the Egger coat of arms and the seal of origin, as well as the natural paper quality of the labels, create a coherent authentic-crafted design and brand presence for the Egger portfolio - a clear commitment to the private brewery and its origins in Austria.

In 2020, Pacoon Hamburg has been awarded the German Brand Award 2020 in the competition class "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation" for the new brand management strategy and the relaunch of the Egger beer portfolio. The evaluation criteria for the award are the creation, structure and further development of a brand, particularly with regard to brand distinctiveness, degree of innovation, homogeneity of the brand result and differentiation from competitors, but also sustainability and economic success. Thus, the relaunch was rewarded both with sales increases, new customer gains, absolute shelf power and at the same time confirmed for the new umbrella brand strategy and umbrella brand design with the marketing award with the widest reach. A huge success for one of Austria's biggest beer brands.