Götha GmbH – EVALEVA

German quality brand for personal care products in North Africa

Götha Evaleva body care range launch logo design graphic design branding strategy packaging design

Reliable quality attractively designed! EVALEVA has existed for years in North African countries as a reliable German quality brand for body care products from the company Götha. The sender 'Made in Germany' is here a substantial purchase argument for the products in the middle price segment. However, the products have not had a very contemporary design and, viewed across the range, have also not been stringent and with clear recognition.

Götha asked us to re-conceptualize the design, to develop a contemporary and valuable design for the existing products as well as a range of new products. We also developed promotional materials such as posters, car foliation and bags for the EVALEVA brand. What was important in the design was to strengthen the brand, which did not stand out enough in the many slim pack formats. At the same time, we developed an illustration style for the sort differentiation that conveys the range idea very well and is easy to transfer for the different printing techniques. For clear variety claims with natural scents or origin (almond, aloe vera or similar), these are just as applicable as for general scents without specific designation.

We are particularly proud of the successful print conversion of the men's deos, where we were able to create the data for this very good print result despite filigree design elements on a black background - even though this result was initially doubted by the supplier itself. Made in Germany, even with the demands on our designs.

Soon perhaps also in Germany ...