Hartl's Jagertee – Relaunch

In the traditional powerful alpine flair

Hartls Jagertee Spirits relaunch graphic design branding strategy packaging design logo design

Hartl's Jagertee is the market leader in the Jagertee segment. Hartl's Jagertee is an alpine specialty, made in Austria according to an original recipe from the 19th century. The spirituous beverage is a popular "warmer" after a beautiful day in nature, especially in winter.

As of now, Hartl's Jagertee appears in a new traditional-crafty look. Influenced by this current design trend, the brand's iconic alpine flair has been enhanced. The illustration of the Almöhi was reinterpreted in a contemporary reduced style and designed into a catchy and likeable signet. Together with the revised Hartl's Jagertee logo, it forms the new word-image brand. The fresher color scheme with a reduced number of colors lends the design authenticity and down-to-earthness.

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