hassia Mineralquellen – Relaunch of mineral water and Employment Promotion Laws

Hesse's water treasure shows itself in a new guise!

Hassia Mineralquellen Mineral Water Relaunch Graphic Design Branding Strategy Packaging Design Logo Design Line Extension

The traditional Hessian brand 'hassia' decided to relaunch its brand across the entire range. In addition to the three mineral water varieties (silent, light and sparkling), the lemonade and spritzer assortment and the popular 'hassia Fitzelchen' are now presented in a new, modern, reduced design. In addition, the mineral waters are now bottled in the new GdB pool bottle.

hassia has been on the market since 1864 and can therefore look back on a tradition of over 150 years. When modernizing the labels, colors, and logo, the focus was on tradition and hassia's values: quality, naturalness, freshness, and sustainability. With a powerful, differentiating brand relaunch, hassia appears more confident and refreshing in its new splendor.

The contemporary reinterpretation of the word and image brand ensures a high level of recognition and forms a strong visual bracket across the portfolio, while the bright colors now used across the entire surface clearly strengthen the differentiation of the varieties.

Fresh design for fresh taste.