Houdek – BIO Kabanos

The original in organic quality

The incomparable Original Houdek Kabanos Classic is now also available in organic quality.

In the course of the relaunch, the range was expanded with the BIO Kabanos in 90g. The Minis now also find their place in the freshly launched product range in organic quality.

In contrast to the original, the BIO Kabanos also contains beef, which, together with the finely tuned seasoning, gives it a strong aromatic taste.

The appearance is integrated into the design of the relaunch - the original Houdek diamond fund is used here in beige tones and communicates the organic origin of the product. This achieves a clear variety differentiation from the standard range, while still maintaining the shoulder and block formation. A high shelf impact is thus guaranteed.

We are happy about this new product range and that we could support our customer Houdek again in packaging and sales material.