Humana – Launch Benelife Supplements global

Food supplement for babies and mothers

Humana has over 20 years of experience in the field of nutritional supplements and focuses on the individual, special needs of mothers and their babies. Humana has thus established itself as a trusted partner in the first years of life. Whether to prevent nutrient deficiencies or to build up the intestinal flora - Humana food supplements are clinically tested and based on natural ingredients with vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts, among others.

Humana launches Humana Benelife, a global supplement brand for the mid-price segment, to exploit the market potential. The new sub-brand initially comprises 12 products in 5 different product groups. The aim of the brand identity was to create a mainstream look for Benelife that would enable pharmacists to quickly find the Benelife brand and, on the other hand, to quickly find the various product offerings through a good differentiation and orientation system of the 5 segments.

Thus, a design appearance was created that shows a balance between emotional elements (colour climate/ colour share/ icons) and scientific elements (white-blue share/ taut/straight lines/ icons). The visual communication of the main advantages of the product through the stylistically harmonised icons with their clear design language contribute to a balanced mix of emotion and scientific competence and provide a further orientation aid at the POS. A colour-contrasting, prominent coding area was chosen as an easy-to-understand platform for subdivision within the product range. Associative, effective and bright colours are easy to understand and recognise. For clear orientation, a structured pack architecture has been developed and established with clear hierarchical levels - the prominent logo, the sub-brand and the range designation in combination with the large-format colour surface ensure a recognisable basic brand structure.

Humana Benelife: a confident, easy to decode, diverse mainstream supplement portfolio from an international brand owner.