Humana – Launch

Multi-line strategy for the international market

Humana is inspired by mothers and babies every day and, based on the latest findings from nature and science, has been offering the best alternative to breastfeeding for the little ones for more than 65 years. The combination of naturalness and expertise creates a trustworthiness in all products, delivering the brand promise that mothers and babies can rely on 100%.

In order to stand up to the competition of all price strategies, to continue to play a superior role in the international market and to exploit the given sales potential, the basic "pro Balance" range is to be supplemented by further sub-brands. From 2022, the "Silver" and "Platinum" product lines will expand Humana's overall portfolio and ensure a POS presence that works well side by side but is clearly differentiated among them, offering buyers in all price segments professional infant nutrition.

An evolutionary design approach was chosen, which features the same design elements in all sub-brands, which are nevertheless interpreted and arranged differently per sub-category. This ensures recognition of the overarching Humana CI, but also provides differentiation between the various lines. The development of the word-picture mark fits into the existing Humana pro Balance system. In order to remain recognizable within the sub-brands, a sub-brand-specific color was chosen for each price category.

A differentiation factor lies in the use of the German quality seal, which supports the "reason-to-buy" in the entry-level price category "Silver". This is countered by the prominent ingredients in the drop seal on the premium "Platinum" range, with the stage number playing a smaller role in the design and being significantly reweighted. In the end, Humana remains true to itself with the same look worldwide and ensures uniformity in all markets, but creates an easy orientation within the ranges and clarity in the shelf through the new brand structure.