Löwensenf – Launch Mustard+ Tube

The trend tubes with a plus

Develey Loewensenf Mustard Launch Graphic design Branding strategy Packaging design Logo design

Germany's best-known mustard brand was expanded to include a trendy tube range for the 2021 barbecue season: Löwensenf with turmeric or coriander.

The objective was to appeal to a young target group with trendy product recipes and designs. The design of the new range "Mustard+" tube inspires with a prominent lion logo, striking ingredient visuals in a uniquely matte black-orange/green-beige-gold color concept. The Trendtube's matte finish promises a pleasant feel and provides a premium look.

The new and modern look strikes the right balance between clear differentiation from the standard range and competitors in the market, as well as clear brand affiliation with the original product and the Löwensenf brand staple.