MILRAM – Launch Porridge Range

Porridge in the refrigerated shelf - a delight warm or cold

Milram DMK Porridge Snack Range Launch Branding Strategy Graphic Design Packaging Design Line Extension

Porridge has been a big trend on the muesli shelf for years. The snacking trend of "fast good" instead of "fast food" is driven by a high fiber content and many vitamins. Until now, it has been difficult to find a fresh, ready-prepared porridge in German refrigerated shelves - MILRAM is countering this from 2022.

The new MILRAM porridge range will serve two of the most important meals: breakfast and snacking. The new product range is available both in "natural" for self-refinement in 400g pots and with fruit in small portions. What all porridge variants have in common - hot or cold, the treat is perfectly (and) easy to prepare!

The design of the porridge range shows a striking product and fruit illustration in the focus. The modern interpretation of the familiar MILRAM landscape supports the target group-specific appeal for young, health-conscious explorers. Easy orientation and differentiation within the range is ensured by the variety coding consisting of fruit and bowl illustration with the respective variety color, which is given the greatest attention in terms of design.

The convenience of the new product is implicitly strengthened by the visual implementation of the application possibilities in the form of a contemporary used-look disruptor in sticker look. The urban design combines the warmth and naturalness of the product with MILRAM's casual beach shack brand image.