Oldenburger – Launch Shining Star Kids Milk

From Germany to the Wide World

Oldenburg DMK Shining Star Kids Milk Launch Graphic Design Line Extension Naming Packaging Design Logo Design Line Extension

Deutsche Milchkontor (DMK) is Germany's largest dairy cooperative with over 6,000 milk producers. The Oldenburger brand is distributed worldwide by DMK. Dairy products are now very popular in China and reflect an upscale standard of living. There is high consumer interest in dairy products made especially for children.

For the launch date in 2021, we were asked to develop the Oldenburg kids subbrand "Shining Star": a functional, ready-to-drink drink in a 180ml pack, enriched with valuable ingredients.

The resulting design challenge: two target groups - on the one hand, clear communication of the benefits and a clear reference to the German origin for the parents - on the other hand, a cheerful, playful design for the kids. The result was a design with enough professionalism and premium appeal without losing the light-heartedness and playfulness necessary for a children's product.