Bautz'ner – Relaunch mustard tube

The "Gold from the East" in the practical tube with the iconographic look

Bautzner Mustard Tube Relaunch Branding Strategy Graphic Design Packaging Design

For more than 150 years, it has been impossible to imagine the shelves without Bautz'ner mustard, which delights fans with its unique, consistent taste and unchanged recipe. For years, Bautz'ner has been using the classic, striking blue cult cup as a design model for all its packaging and products. In 2022, Bautz'ner will visually integrate the handy tubes into its own core range.

The main focus of the relaunch of the mustard tubes is the creation of an iconic look for the popular, cult range of blue, medium-hot Bautz'ner mustard. The striking basic design thrives on the learned color coding, the uncluttered brand canopy with focus on the logo and reduced content on the front. These defining design elements have been given a modern interpretation for the new tubes. The composition of the logo and a very striking "mustard" lettering on a blue background gives the Bautz'ner mustard tubes the unadorned, self-confident attitude that is also characteristic of the core range.

The design relaunch of the 100ml tube is followed by the adaptation and launch of the 200ml tube. Bautz'ner is thus expanding its own availability of different pack formats at the POS and is clearly competing with the top dogs with the "cult mustard from Upper Lusatia". In order to communicate easily on the packaging that Bautz'ner offers an in-house purchasing alternative with the new, practical 200ml tube, the cult cup is stylized as an eye-catcher on the front. This creates a clear reference to the well-functioning hero and guarantees the consumer the beloved Bautz'ner quality.