Bautz'ner – Relaunch mustard

Pure appetite appeal for the mustard specialties and spreads

Bautzner Mustard Spread Relaunch Graphic Design Branding Strategy Packaging Design POS Material Line Extension

Picturesquely idyllic in eastern Saxony on the Spree River, lies the small town of Bautzen with its 40,000 inhabitants. Mustard has been produced here for 150 years.

One of the recipes for success at Bautz'ner: further development based on customer wishes. Whether sweet and spicy, with pepper or horseradish - Bautz'ner suits every taste and occasion. For the 2022 relaunch, the design of Bautz'ner specialties and mustard spreads will be revised.

The relaunch will focus on two themes that will drive the new brand presence at POS: brand affiliation and appetite appeal. To highlight brand affiliation, the Bautz'ner shade of blue is incorporated through various design elements on the package. The integration of the "Original" disruptor, the reduced cult cup icon and the blue lid incorporates the brand color in an eye-catching way in terms of design and ensures clear affiliation with the brand family.

The appetite appeal is communicated via new striking, direct and delicious photos for the two ranges: Specialties features a ready-to-eat treat impaled on a fork - enhanced with the specialty. In the photo conception of the mustard spreads, the application visualizes as a serving suggestion by means of a freshly spread slice of bread on a rustic wooden board.