Bernbacher – Launch Die Guten and Bella Pasta

Pasta from Bavaria

Bernbacher Die Guten und Bella Pasta Launch Graphic design Packaging design Logo design Branding strategy Line Extension

Pleasure from Bavaria. As with all pasta from Bernbacher, the same applies to the Die Guten and Bella Pasta range: A good pasta doesn´t always have to cross the Brenner Pass.

Regional raw materials from regional farmers guarantee a sustainable product with a family tradition of more than 124 years. The long tradition and care is translated in the new design into a modern/contemporary design language and underlines the charakater of regionality.

Clear block formation at the POS is achieved by cross-range brand elements of the whole grain and organic products. The weighting of the brand colors ensures recognition for the very loyal customer base. In this way, an evolutionary range was created, which demonstrates strength through its independence on the pasta shelf and is also a haptic experience thanks to a matt finish.

We are proud of the effect on the shelf. A perfect example of reaching new target groups and retaining existing buyers. We look forward to further exciting projects under the Bernbacher brand.