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"Bean to Bar" - A special chocolate

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"Bean to Bar" describes the manufacturing process of chocolate from the receipt of unroasted cocoa beans. Here, all production steps are taken over by the manufacturer itself. In a complex manufacturing process, the fermented pure cocoa beans are first slowly roasted, melted with the help of rolling mills and conched for many hours until the hidden richness of cocoa flavors has unfolded perfectly.

Bringing the unique flavors of such an artisan specialty closer to lovers of fine chocolates is the idea behind "True & 12", the Munich-based start-up of Davina and Rony Utz. With great passion and dedication, the two travel to cocoa plantations all over the world in search of suitable cocoa beans. While commercially available chocolate usually consists of cocoa butter, cocoa solids and other fillers, their chocolate is made from just two ingredients: Cocoa beans and sugar. Only the highest quality beans, processed under fair labor conditions, and pure organic cane sugar go into their "Bean to Bar" chocolate.

Giving these special products an appropriate framework was our task. The first step was to find a name and then design a logo. With "Truly" we found the right name: honest, original and at the same time understandable in both German and English-speaking countries. The second step was to develop packaging for small runs of up to ten types of chocolate. On the one hand, the packaging had to be affordable in order to keep the price of the handmade chocolate fair, and on the other hand, it had to be able to withstand the sensitivity of the chocolate to temperature fluctuations and loss of flavor. One approach was to use (100% paper-cycle) recyclable cardboard, with no need for an additional barrier layer of aluminum or plastic. Here, the barrier is already incorporated into the fiber.

However, it quickly became clear that the chocolate had to be sealed in aluminum foil, as the sensitive aromas easily evaporate in the air. For the outer packaging, the choice fell on cardboard boxes to which front and back labels were applied separately. The result is elegant, narrow packaging made of high-quality finished Gmund cardboard, printed with Latin American ethnic patterns. The colorful labels form a beautiful contrast to this and at the same time serve to differentiate between the different varieties. The most important information, such as the country of origin of the cocoa beans, the growing region and the cocoa content, is easily recognizable at first glance.

Every chocolate lover should try this specialty once. We were surprised how fruity a chocolate can be due to the special roasting!