Colti – Muesli & Porridge

Swiss Porridge - Inspired by the world, created at home

Colti Muesli Porridge graphic design logo design packaging design line extension branding strategy

From a backpack to a company!

Colti is a start-up from Switzerland, founded in August 2018. The founding couple was inspired to redefine porridge for their home market while traveling the world. True to the motto "Inspired by the world, created at home," they make porridge from the flavors of the world mixed with a pinch of home flair.

Our task was to give this idea a face. We started with a workshop to jointly make the Colti brand tangible. In the process, we also discovered that the actual background of the name - the mix of the surnames Coppe and Wälti - also means "collected, harvested" in Italian; what a sensible start for the brand.

Once the claim, positioning, target group and USP had been elaborated, it was time for the concepts and designs. The goal was to communicate their special and unique story on the packaging, but not lose focus on the ingredients and the product. And to develop a logo that supports the concept.

The result is a striking and colorful packaging that reflects the world trip and the "collection" of tastes of the world. Through the illustrative, emotional representation of the two founders (as they jet through the world) consumers become part of the story. A packaging design that is truly unique and simply fun. In addition to logo and packaging design as well as handling the legal review of the packaging texts, we also supported the start-up in the web presence with store function and company presentation, up to thank you cards, flyers and business cards.

We are very proud to be able to help such great, young, innovative, social and environmentally friendly people succeed with their idea. The two founders also made it into the Solothurner Zeitung shortly after their launch.

We are happy about this great design story and hope they take off with their Porridges.