Cheese dairy Stegmann – Launch Alpgäuer

The maximum of Allgäu in one cheese

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With the claim "More Allgäu wont fit into no cheese" the traditional Allgäu cheese dairy Stegmann - a subsidiary of the French Sodiaal Group - introduced its new cheese brand "ALPGÄUER" at the beginning of 2019. The cheese comes in three flavors: nutty-mild, savory-spicy and Original Allgäuer Emmentaler. Produced in the Allgäu region, ALPGÄUER has everything that the best cheese needs: made without genetic engineering, with attention to animal welfare and the environment (small farms, grazing of brown cattle, etc.) and aromatic milk that comes from small, family-run mountain farms in the region to guarantee short transport routes.

The task for us was to develop the name and the logo in a first step and to design the packaging for the three packaging forms of sliced, portioned and grated cheese in the second step. For the naming, it was important that the brand story was already communicated through the brand name. With "ALPGÄUER" - a combination of Allgäu and Alps - and the visual implementation through a woodcut-like word-picture mark, we got to the heart of the positioning in terms of advertising and images. Thanks to our access to the trademark registers, we were able to give the green light for the name at a very early stage - hard to believe, given the large number of existing names with the component Alps and Allgäu.

For the packaging, the conceptual focus was on the special brand values of the Alpgäu: regionality, authenticity, originality, tradition (since 1906), origin, naturalness, craftsmanship, and sustainability. The result is an individual-looking packaging that is lovingly designed with the help of playful elements such as handwriting, meadow flowers and hearts, and at the same time has a strong impact thanks to the wooden base.

We are pleased to be able to bring a piece of original Allgäu to the shelf together with the Stegmann cheese dairy.