Shatler's Cocktails – Relaunch

Ready-to-serve cocktails on trend

Shatlers Cocktails Relaunch Graphic Design Branding Strategy Packaging Design Logo Design POS Material Line Extension

Positioning, conception and design Packaging

With 350 years of distilling expertise, Schwarze and Schlichte is a spirits producer with an international reputation. With the acquisition on Jan. 1, 2018, of the Shatler's Cocktails brand - a range of 15 cocktails with and without alcohol - Schwarze & Schlichte focused on the ready-to-serve trend.

Product trend meets design trend!
The Shatler's Cocktails brand got a comprehensive relaunch with the aim of realizing its great potential. Thus, our task was to develop a design concept on the basis of which a new, appealing look was to be created for the Shatler's Cocktails brand. We wanted a brand identity that would significantly rejuvenate and modernize the Shatler's Cocktails brand, giving it an "attractive, fresh face". Trend-conscious, new target groups should be addressed and encouraged to try out the brand.

Our approach: evaluation of relevant international design and consumer trends, positioning development, revision of the Shatler's Cocktails brand logo, creation of a new packaging design and, based on this, a new brand world. Transferred to the extensive advertising materials for retail and gastronomy (such as displays, beverage cards, trade fair stands, sales folders), the newly designed brand presence becomes a sparkling cocktail experience for the clientele at all touchpoints.

Confirmed by test results, the new attention-grabbing design stands for diverse cocktail enjoyment and a relaxed, upbeat attitude to life. The strong color contrasts of the individual varieties, the expressive typography and a lively staging of the ingredients and cocktails give the new design a summery and cheerful look.

International design blogs are also enthusiastic about the brand's new look: The Dieline, Packaging of the World, and Design made in Germany.

Conception and design of advertising media

With attention-grabbing displays, tasting counters, image and sales folders, drink cards, tabletop displays to advent calendars, the brand world of Shatler's Cocktails can be experienced at all B2B and B2C touchpoints and becomes a sparkling cocktail experience. A striking, inspiring world with eye-catching color blocking, vivid photo composition and strong color contrasts of the packaging of the 10 cocktails are key visuals of all advertising materials. The round container of Shatler's cocktails was the inspiration for the design language of the tasting counters and ellipse display.

The visual brand experience of the Shatler's Cocktails portfolio supports re-sales into the stores, impulse buying at the POS and makes a lot of people want to try it - according to the motto: "Shatler's Cocktails - Just add ice and good friends."